Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3's rental

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3's rental

Productivity and Security: Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 - Designed specifically for business applications.

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Technical characteristics

  • Screen diagonal: 8 inches / 20.31 cm
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels 
  • Sharpness: Full HD (1080p)
  • Camera: 13 MP rear and 5MP front 
  • Processor: Exynos 9810 Octa-core
  • Internal memory: 4GB
  • Dimensions: 21.38 x 12.68 x 0.99 cm  
  • Weight: 429 grams
  • Battery duration: 13 hours
  • Operating system: Android 10

Product Description

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is a sturdy tablet, resistant to water and dust, yet the tablet weighs only 429 grams. The screen is 8 inches and has Full HD sharpness. The selfie camera has 5 megapixels, allowing you to be in good view during online meetings. The rear camera has 13 megapixels, allowing you to take high-quality photos’s and video’s. The Galaxy Tab Active 3 has an Exynos 9810 processor so you can open heavy files and use demanding programs’s. The internal memory of the tablet is 4GB and you can expand the storage space up to 1024GB with a micro SD card. The battery capacity of this Samsung tablet is 5500 mAh. The tablet lasts about 15 hours and the battery is replaceable. To keep your files safe, you can use the fingerprint scanner or facial recognition.

Additional information about the product

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 rental?

Hire the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 for business can be used for all kinds of tasks. The 13MP camera works with Google ARCore and can track movements and the environment, so you can perform inspections, for example. Moreover, the tablet can be controlled with gloves on, so you can perform warehouse work without taking off the gloves. 

Another sector that is ideal for renting the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is the event sector. With this Samsung tablet, you can easily scan QR codes, such as event entry passes. The tablet can also be connected to external screens so you can give your presentation on a larger screen.

Renting the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 for education is also a good choice. The tablet can be used for online research or projects, distance education or collaborations. Teachers can also use the tablet to complete some work on the go or to grade tests. 

Service from Live Rental

If you want to rent the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3, we make sure the tablet is delivered on time with a basic profile and charged battery. If you want specific applications, we are happy to help you with this as well. Above all, ask our account managers your questions, they are happy to think with you and help you with the full scope of digital projects. 

The Samsung tablet is delivered on site, even if you have a national project. Our team is happy to help you install and configure the tablet. If possible, we also provide on-site staff training. Upon completion, we will pick up the tablet back from you.

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