Our services

Our teams are at your service to set up your equipment for you based on your needs as part of a turnkey service. Our project managers and technical teams will respond to even your most urgent needs.


Default or custom

When you tell us about your projects, we offer to set up default settings across devices. This means we make a standard profile that gives you access to all of the basic features on the device in question. Depending on your project and how you're going to use the hardware, we also offer special settings to suit your needs (installation of software, your media content, apps, restrictions set-up, etc.).

Custom apps

A wide range of apps

Our project managers will present our apps to you so you can decide together on the app that best suits your needs. For all your marketing and events campaigns, we have ready-to-use apps such as customisable survey forms, games and quizzes, instant wins, live voting, treasure hunts, attendance lists for your guests, etc. For more specific touchscreen solutions, we develop customised solutions tailored to your needs.



Our project managers are at your disposal to meet all of your IT needs. We offer tailor-made services suited to your needs and projects. Consult our teams who will advise you and take on all your IT projects through researching and finding optimisation and consolidation solutions so your projects meet with the expected success.


Flexible and precision service

We guarantee a date and timeslot. We commit to ensuring that you always get your delivery the day before your event so you can check and test the hardware. If you have projects on a national scale, we arrange for them to be despatched across the country to different delivery points. You will be supplied with pre-paid packaging so that your parcel(s) can be collected by a courier at the address of your choice.

On-site support

Support and training

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to help you implement IT and digital solutions for your events. We can install everything for you on the event site, as well as train and support your employees during pre-configuration and set up. We will guide you in setting up and optimising your projects.

Mobile networks

3G or 4G

When you choose are 3G or 4G options, you will get devices equipped with pre-loaded SIM cards from 500 Mb and up. We also offer options for sharing a mobile internet connection with other devices such as PCs or Wi-Fi printers. Our connection service works everywhere in Europe.