DELL Latitude 5510's rental

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DELL Latitude 5510's rental

Dell Latitude 5510 Laptop - 15.6" - Core i5 10210U - 8 Go RAM - 256 Go SSD, a high performance ally for your events or workshops.

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Technical characteristics

  • Processor: Intel core i5-10210U
  • RAM memory: 8 GB
  • SSD Memory: 256 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • Display size: 15, 6” inch
  • Resolution: HD+ (1920 x 1080 píxels)
  • Graphic card: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Connections:3 x USB3, 1 x USB-C, HDMI port
  • Weight:1.82 kg

Looking for a powerful, lightweight and portable computer that can adapt to different types of events and situations?

Recommended for conferences and business meetings: The Dell Latitude 5510's powerful processor and 8GB of RAM make it the ideal choice for conferences and business meetings, allowing you to handle multiple tasks and applications simultaneously.

If you want a laptop for presentations or videos at a marketing or advertising event, the Dell Latitude 5510 is a good choice. Its 15.6-inch high-definition display is perfect for viewing and displaying content clearly and crisply.

For audiovisual: The Dell Latitude 5510's processor and memory are ideal for effectively handling video and audio editing applications.

At training and education events: The Dell Latitude 5510 is an excellent choice for training and education events, as its large 256GB SSD storage capacity allows you to easily store and access training materials.

And also for business travel: thanks to its light weight and long battery life, the Dell Latitude 5510 is ideal for business travel.

The Dell Latitude 5510 is ideal for business travel.

For more information

¿You are organizing a large event and need a lot of sturdy and stable laptops?rent the Dell Latitude 5510! for your special events and enjoy the power of its processor and RAM. In addition, this laptop is light and portable enough to take anywhere.

At LiveRental we also have a wide variety of computers with Windows or Mac operating system for rent, short or medium term, for all your business events. Get in touch with our team of customer advisors and háblales of your project. We will help you find the ideal solution for you.

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