IPAD 10.2" 2020 rental

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IPAD 10.2" 2020 rental

Versatility meets performance - the iPad 10.2-inch 2020 for a seamless experience

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Technical characteristics

    • Screen size: 10.2 inches / 25.91 cm
    • Resolution: 2160 x 1620 pixels
    • Sharpness: Retina display
    • Processor: A12 Bionic chip
    • Camera: rear 8MP, front 1.2MP
    • Working memory: 3GB
    • Battery life: 10 hours
    • Weight: 495 grams
    • Dimensions: 25.06 x 17.41 x 0.75 cm
    • Operating system: iPadOS

Product Description

The iPad 10.2-inch 2020 offers a combination of power and ease of use that is perfect for a variety of applications. With its bright Retina display, experience intense colors and sharp details on your screen. Whether you are a busy professional, a student or just someone who enjoys entertainment, this iPad adapts to your needs. The processor of this tablet is an A12 Bionic chip, ideal for multitasking and working on creative tasks. The selfie camera has 1.2 megapixels and on the back the camera has 8 megapixels, allowing you to take photos’s and attend online meetings.

Compatibility with the Apple Pencil opens the door to creativity and productivity. Effortlessly take notes, sketch ideasën and show your artistic side. The iPad's battery lasts about 10 hours, making the tablet ideal for work or study. The iPadOS brings with it a wide variety of apps. These apps can be used to increase productivity and you can express your creative expressions. Add the optional Smart Keyboard and transform your iPad into a complete working and learning environment.

Additional information about the product

Rent the iPad 10.2-inch 2020?

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, working in education or need to give a presentation, the iPad 10.2-inch 2020 is a versatile companion. Use AirPlay for wireless screen viewing, take notes and keep track of your schedule. From digital portfolios to video meetings, this iPad is ready for you.

For events, the iPad is perfect for speeding up the check-in process and offering interactive programs such as an interactive floor plan. It is also an excellent tool for enquêtes and feedback collection. In addition, you can use the tablet for workshops or demonstrations. 

In education, teachers can use the iPad to create interactive lesson plans, and students can take digital notes, access resources and createëren projects. In addition, you can use the iPad to create virtual field trips and play educational games. Moreover, the tablet can be used for language learning, thanks to apps for language exercises and vocabulary expansion.

Live Rental Service

At Live Rental, we offer the iPad 10.2-inch 2020 for rental, with customizations to suit your needs. Whether you want a basic profile or need specific apps, our team will help you choose the right configuration. With on-time delivery and installation support, we'll make sure your project runs smoothly. 

The versatility of the iPad 10.2-inch 2020 makes it a perfect choice for a variety of situations. Whether you want to be productive, express your creativity, enhance lessons or participate in professional events, this iPad provides the tools you need for a seamless and efficient experience. With its powerful hardware, diverse capabilities and intuïtive controls, the iPad 10.2-inch 2020 is more than just a tablet - it's your ultimate companion for any occasion.

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