IPHONE SE's rental

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IPHONE SE's rental

Powerful iPhone SE: A13 Bionic chip, 12MP camera, compact 4.7-inch Retina HD display. Ideal for everyday use, maximum performance.

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Technical characteristics

  • Screen size: 4.7 inches / 11.94 cm
  • Resolution: 1334 x 750 pixels
  • Sharpness: Retina HD
  • Processor: A15 Bionic chip
  • Camera: 12MP rear, 7MP front
  • Weight: 144 grams
  • Dimensions: 13.84 x 6.73 x 0.73 cm
  • Battery capacity: 1950 mAh
  • Operating system: iOS 16

Product Description

The iPhone SE combines powerful performance with a compact design, making it the ideal choice for those looking for the essentials of an iPhone in a manageable size. With its 4.7-inch Retina HD display, the iPhone SE offers crisp images and vibrant colors. The classic Touch ID fingerprint sensor provides easy and secure access to your phone. The iPhone includes a blazingly fast A15 Bionic chip. Opening apps, multitasking and gaming is smooth and you have crisp visuals. The battery life of the phone lasts over 10 hours with heavy use of it. If you need to charge the phone, it can be done at lightning speed thanks to the fast charging option. This phone can be used in combination with mobile network, making you accessible anywhere. The selfie camera of this phone has 7 megapixels and the rear camera has 12 megapixels. The Bionic chip ensures even more beautiful photos’s and the smart HDR 4 automatically adjusts contrast and exposure. The phone also features Deep Fusion, which is deployed when there is low light.

Additional information about the product

Hire the iPhone SE?

For people who are always on the go, the iPhone SE offers a fast and reliable companion. Answering emails, editing documents and using business apps is easy, even out of the office. With the built-in FaceTime camera, business meetings and video conferences can be conducted seamlessly wherever you are. So the iPhone SE + 5G is ideal for business hire.

Thanks to its compact size, the iPhone SE is easy to carry and keep up with. At events, you can use the phone to scan access codes, capture your presentation at the trade show or reach colleagues’/employees at the event. Thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, your phone can open and store heavy files with ease, such as a vlog of your day at the event. This iPhone is ideal to rent with its multifunctional features.

Renting the iPhone SE + 5G in education is a smart idea, thanks to its many features, high performance and powerful processor. You can capture high-quality photo’s and createëren content for a creative assignment. You can also easily communicate with fellow students and access your school schedule and mail.

Live Rental Service

At Live Rental, we understand that flexibility and efficiency are important for business needs. We provide prompt delivery and installation of the iPhone SE + 5G so you can get started right away. Our team is ready to help you with customizations and configurations to meet your specific requirements. If you're looking for custom applications, we're happy to help. Whether it's for temporary projects, events or business needs, we'll make sure you can take full advantage of the iPhone SE's power. This phone also has mobile network capability, a smart choice so you can be reached anywhere and access important data. You can also choose to purchase other, similar, internet from Vodafone, for even faster connection. With our Live Rental Service, you don't have to worry about technical aspects. We are there for you on the day of the event or project, physically or remotely.

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