SAMSUNG GALAXY A42 5G's rental

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SAMSUNG GALAXY A42 5G's rental

Rent the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G with AMOLED screen for the execution of your corporate events | Power, speed and image quality.

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Technical characteristics

  • Screen size: 6.6”inches
  • Operating system: Android
  • Photo resolution: 48 megapixels
  • Display features: 1600 x 720 píxels
  • Storage capacity: 128 GB
  • Dimensions: 164.24 x 75.76 x 8.6 mm
  • Processor: SM 7225 / Snapdragon 750G; Octo Core 2.2 GHz
  • Maximum battery life:
  • Battery life:
  • Expansion port: microSD port up to 1TB
  • Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Audio input(s): 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Product weight: 193 g

Why do you need the Galaxy A42 5G for your corporate events?

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is the ideal device for your corporate events. The 5G technology will allow you to have maximum speed for your downloads and uploads to the cloud, facilitating access to your presentations and documents in real time and without delays.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is the ideal device for your corporate events.

On the other hand, its powerful octo core processor ensures optimal performance for all the tasks you need to perform in your event.

The Galaxy A42 5G's Super-AMOLED display offers you unsurpassed image quality, with a Full HD+ resolution and a pixel density of 420 dpi. So you can display your presentations and videos with spectacular sharpness and brightness, ensuring the attention and interest of your audience.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is a sleek and modern mobile phone, ideal for any corporate event. Its matte finish on the back and embossed texture give it a sophisticated and secure look in the hand. In addition, its 6.6-inch screen allows you to make presentations in comfort and style.

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